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Monster Hunter – Dynamic Hunting Now Available (For those living in the Far East)


New out the gate from Capcom is there currently “Japan Only” release of Monster Hunter – Dynamic Hunting.

"You definitely need a tic tac or something because your breath.....STINKS!

“You need a tic tac or something because your breath…..STINKS!

As I have only had a few minutes to play with this game my immediate, yet not final, decision on this game is that Capcom is attempting to snag and sucker people into buying this game based on the name alone.  Controls were ok, but the game itself was very repetitive. Each time you kill a monster you are left with another monster that pulls appears in its place. I may be incorrect in this as I really only just played it for about 5 minutes. Further time with it may or may not change my mind on it.

"I shall call him Fred!"

“I shall call him Fred!”

For now though it is still only available for android game lovers in the land of the Rising Sun. Unless of course people are interested in installing market enabler, and using the SIM code 44010 (Docomo)  Thus allowing you to not only see the game in the Google PLAY store but to also purchase and install.



If anyone should find themselves wishing to dive in, please be sure to leave your comments below. I will take some more time when I have a chance and delve deeper into this game and will of course update my thoughts. Perhaps Capcom will add to this game and make it the badass game it should be.

Also, please be sure to check out the link for this game at –  XDA Forums

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