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Racer By Luma Arcade Hands On

Once upon a time in somewhere between the HTC Evo 4G  & the HTC Evo 3D, there was a little underdog of a phone aptly named, the Xperia PLAY by Sony Ericcson. This phone had been hyped for years, then denied, then dropped onto the public on what is surely to be Sony Ericcsons biggest media push for a phone to come out their front door and into your hands.

And of course to showcase any new tech, geek toy, electronic gizmo, many tech demo games were shown. One such title was called Racer by the company known as Luma Arcade  (

This was one of the first games ever to run on the Unity Engine on a phone. And it ran pretty well on this little device. This game is a cross between racing and twisted metal, in your efforts to get first place while trashing the other cars. Now as this is a tech demo, the story is well….. there is no story. All this little gem is, is one race after another.

Below are some of the screenshots of this game, followed by video of gameplay we shot.



As you can see it looks very good. Why this was never released beyond a tech demo we dont know but still to have this game available now makes for some good, look at the memories. Anyways, enjoy the photos, and videos.

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