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Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap, An Indian Epic Adventure


Developer Pixel Warriors Inc, has just released a new action adventure game, Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap. Based on the ancient Indian epic of The Ramayana. The Ramayana, written about 5th century BC, is a story about Prince Ram who is a human incarnation of the divine Lord Narayan.


Ram faces his greatest challenge when his wife, Sita, is kidnapped by the evil demon King Ravana, who wants her for his own wife. Hanuman, son of the wind, has been tasked to find Sita and reassure her that Ram is on his way to rescue her. He needs to learn to fly, to leap across the Indian Ocean to Lanka, where Sita is being held and give her Ram’s ring. But there are hordes of demons and demonesses that he needs to fight and defeat or kill before he can reach her.

Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap looks and plays great. It will set you back $1.99 on Google Play.

Google Play Store Link – Ramayan Wars: The Ocean Leap

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