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Gun Commando Video Review

Imagine Wolfenstein 3D had a freaky three-way with Serious Sam and Borderlands, and you’ll have some idea of the craziness that is Gun Commando, the new FPS from developer Green Hill Games. Available for Playstation Mobile devices and Published by Ripstone Games, Gun Commando follows mercenary Jack Bennett and his mission to save the world from aliens. Told through vibrantly detailed comic book style cutscenes drawn by Romano Molenaar, this game has a definite visual flair. 8-bit retro style graphics help give this game its own identity while evoking some of the greatest games of the past.


Jack’s bit off a little more than he can chew…

We were really impressed with the way that you level up in this game. The only way to get better and stronger guns is to chain your attacks together without missing or getting hit by an enemy. This will fill a combo meter in the upper right hand corner of the screen that upgrades your gun every time it is filled. Pretty soon, we were dodging aliens and blasting them in the face after an initial learning curve. The controls in this game are fully customizable and are even better with a bluetooth controller or the Xperia Play. The Xperia Play is fully supported and has analog pad controls.

Gun Commando is deceptively complex, the game at first gives the impression that it is a simple run and gun affair. As the levels get deeper, level design becomes an important factor in how you approach your mission. Aliens like to jump out from corners when your not expecting it and will shoot you in the back if your not careful. The developer describes this game as a “old-school, new-cool” first person shooter, and that is an apt description. The game design has a bullet hell shooter meets doom style aesthetic. Dodging waves of bullets plays heavily into the game play and gets even crazier as you go on.

Gun Commando is one of the best games available on Playstation Mobile and we had a blast with it. If you enjoy shooters filled with crazy amounts of action, this is one to get.

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Gun Commando Video Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Gun Commando is one of the best games on Playstation Mobile. It has great gameplay and nostalgic visuals but can also feel repetitive at times.



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