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Chimpact Swings Onto Playstation Mobile


Yippie! Entertainments Chimpact is now available on Playstation Mobile devices for $3.99. In Chimpact, you play as an adorable little monkey making his way through 48 side scrolling levels and collecting bannanas along the way. You help him reach his goal by flicking him around the screen with your finger. A gorgeous looking art style and a plethora of unlockables give this game a high replay value. Chimpact is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!(sorry, couldn’t resist!)


★ SIMPLE one-touch gameplay with universal appeal.
★ STUNNING visuals and character design.
★ 48 LUSCIOUS LEVELS to explore and complete.
★ TWO GREAT GAME MODES to play through — Gem Quest and Totem Trail!
★ GO BANANAS and collect all the fruit and hidden gems, plus achievements to unlock.
★ EIGHT ABILITIES and four cool chimps to unlock.
★ OVER 150 challenge medallions to earn.


Source – Playstation Mobile Blog

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