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Cordy 2 Video Review

Cordy is well known for being one of the top platformers available for mobile devices, and has long sat at the top of the Google Play Stores charts. SilverTree Games scored a major hit with the first in the series and have received universal praise for the game, garnering a Editors Choice rating on both Android and IOS. Console quality graphics and retro game play helped make their title a strong contender for game of the year 2012. Cordy’s long awaited sequel, Cordy 2 is back with a similar formula to the first with a few new twists. Is it enough to capture the same magic as the original?


Cordy is a little robot with a big job, his world has completely lost power and its up to him restore electricity for all his fellow robots. After restoring power in world 1 in Cordy and meeting up with Volt in Cordy Sky, Cordy and Volt crash land onto the hostile world 2. World 2 is ruled by the evil Electric Boogaloo, and he has dispatched his Boogie Bots to steal all of the zap drops from the robots they belong to. With Cordy arriving on the scene, the Electric Boogaloo will stop at nothing to prevent the zap drops from being reclaimed.

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Game Play

Cordy 2 is heavy with nostalgia, and takes game play cues from some of the greatest platformers of the past. In addition to basic running and jumping abilities, Cordy now has a much bigger feature set. Enemies can be stomped on like Mario and a new cog based health system is a dead ringer for Sonic The Hedgehog’s. At times the game can feel slightly derivative but this lessens as more abilities are unlocked. Magnet Bot, Smash Bot, Copter Bot, and Volt all give Cordy new ways of traversing his environments. While Cordy 2 is technically a free to play game, the only content related in app purchase is an unlock for all of the games levels. This allows Cordy 2 to avoid the IAP game design pitfall that so many other titles fall prey to. Full support for bluetooth controllers and the Xperia Play means Android is the definitive platform to play Cordy 2 on.


The 3D/2D graphics from the original are back and look even better than before. There is a noticeable increase in pixel count and textures overall seem more detailed. Environments look exceptionally good thanks to an emphasis on background/foreground animations. There is a reason Cordy is used to demonstrate high-end hardware, it really knows how to make Android shine.

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Cordy 2’s sound effects are a modern update to retro sound bytes. Bleeps and bloops have a high definition feel to them, and musical tones highlight when an objective has been accomplished. Music retains a pleasant almost futuristic feel that suits the gameplay well.

At $4.99, Cordy 2 is a little steep for a mobile game, but is well worth the price. Fans of classics like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog will feel right at home with this enjoyable homage.

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Cordy 2 Video Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Cordy 2 is one of the best platformers on Android, combining old school game play with new school aesthetics although drawing heavy inspiration from classic side scrollers leaves it little room to innovate



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