Published on February 28th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Traxion Is A New Physics-Based Shooter

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A unique new shooter by the name of Traxion is now available from developer The Games Foundation. As a deep space pilot, you must extract precious crystals from deep inside caves guarded by multiple foes who are none to happy about your presence. The ships tractor beam is used to collect materials at the same time as the ship defends itself against enemy fire. The game has just as many puzzle elements as it does arcade with a large variety of switches and contraptions that must be solved to proceed further on your mission. Physics play heavily into your strategy as falling boulders and other obstacles will impede your progress. Traxion is $2.52 on Google Play.

Google Play Store – Traxion

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  • scott duckworth

    Looks great, and is now free on google play!

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