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Square Enix Releases DrakeRider In Japan

Square Enix is on a roll with releasing Android versions of their popular IOS RPG’s. In addition to the recent release of Chaos Rings II on Android, Square Enix has also released their RPG DrakeRider as well. Unfortunately DrakeRider is only available in Japan for now, but if other releases are any indication we should see a worldwide release eventually.

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The story revolves around Aran Lawson, once an ordinary hunter who now rides a powerful dragon, otherwise known as a drake. Its up to Aran to defeat the fearsome demons of the Dread before they can destroy the world. DrakeRider follows the formula established in other Square Enix RPG’s such as the Chaos Rings games but with a twist. Combat is a little more fluid than the typical RPG because the amount of attacks you can execute per turn are based on how powerful the attacks are. This is all based on how you interact with your dragon. A system of chains are used to keep your flying friend in check, and if the chains are broken your dragon will go beserk and attack friend and foe alike.

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DrakeRider has impressive 3D graphics that rival and even surpass Square Enix’s Chaos Rings games. Voice acted cutscenes, a fully realized overworld, and deep character customization give DrakeRider a console quality feel. Hopefully we won’t have to wait to long for DrakeRider to see a worldwide release.


Square Enix Market – DrakeRider

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