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Mighty Dungeons Pays Homage To Pen & Paper RPG’s

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Laylio Games have released their love letter to classic pen & paper RPG’s like Dungeon Quest with their new title, Mighty Dungeons. Mighty Dungeons is a digital version of those classic board games like Dungeons & Dragons. Players will navigate dungeons from an overhead perspective while collecting loot and battling monsters. Classic RPG rules are observed with stats and a little bit of luck governing the outcome of skirmishes.

3 campaigns and 6 heroes are available to start, but the neat thing about Mighty Dungeons is its ability to incorporated user-made maps uploaded to In this way, Laylio Games seeks to build a hardcore fan base and give Mighty Dungeons infinite replay ability.

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You can pick up Mighty Dungeons for $.99 on the Google Play Store. Fans of Warhammer and Dungeons & Dragons will feel instantly at home.

Google Play Store – Mighty Dungeons

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