Published on March 4th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Squids Wild West Coming Soon


The award winning IOS RPG, Squids Wild West, is coming soon to Android. Developer The Game Bakers created a rather unique battle system for their game that is best described as a cross between Angry Birds and Final Fantasy Tactics. Battles are fought from a 2D overhead perspective that has your party moving around the map by way of slingshot. Pulling back on a character and then releasing determines where and how far your squid will move. Four different classes are available; Shooter, Trooper, Scout, and Healer. Environmental objects such as spikes and explosive barrels can be used either for or against your squids. Strategy is everything in this game with battles fought using a turn-based system. Squids Wild West is the sequel to the wildly(no pun intended!) popular IOS title Squids. Look for Squids Wild West to launch in the coming months.

Website Referenced: Pocket Gamer

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