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Percy And Francis Are Back In Gun Bros 2


The Gun Bros Percy and Francis are back and ready to kick some T.O.O.L. butt! Gun Bros 2 has been released on Google Play after months of waiting and watching teaser videos.

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Set years after the Xplodium Interdiction Wars of the original Gun Bros, Gun Bros 2 follows the rise of the once defeated T.O.O.L. and F.R.A.G.G.E.D.’s second war against them. Scattered and nearly eradicated, T.O.O.L. has begun constructing Xplodium mines to rebuild their dastardly empire. All manner of mutant creatures want the Gun Bros dead, and if they don’t succeed, the mega-bosses Pus Titan, Maullusk, and The Broliminator are there to finish the job.

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Gun Bros 2 expands on the core gameplay mechanics of the first title. A manic twin stick shooter, Gun Bros 2 adds new enemies, new weapons, new modes and new….well everything. Modifiers will give players more freedom to customize their arsenal, artillery and other consumers level the playing field, literally, and tanks to blow stuff up. And really, who doesn’t like tanks?

Gun Bros 2 is free to play on Google Play with IAP’s.

Google Play Store – Gun Bros 2

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