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Switch Galaxy Review

When Playstation Mobile was unveiled at E3 2012, Sony finally looked ready to bring Playstation quality titles to mobile devices. It was announced that over 56 established developers were making games for Playstation Mobile, causing gamers imaginations to run wild. We knew that emulated versions of classic PS1 titles were on the way, but what about games like on the PSP? Playstation Mobile launched later that year with a limited selection of PS1 titles, but very few original games that were any good. Classic games like Alien Breed and Lemmings were decent exclusives, but even then we were still playing old games. This trend has continued all the way up until the release of Switch Galaxy, which breaks the curse on Playstation Mobile.

The Sequel to 2011’s Switch, Switch Galaxy is a fully 3D high octane racer reminiscent of futuristic racers like WipeOut and F-Zero while still maintaining its own unique identity. Developer Atomicom has outdone themselves by taking the original game and improving on it in almost every way.


The concept is still the same; Fly a futuristic space craft traveling at crazy speeds and try not to crash into anything. However, this time around enemy ships will try to take you down, parts of the track will fall out from beneath you forcing last second jumps, and constantly evolving objectives will challenge you.

The levels start simply enough, with the only concern being not flying into a wall, but things progress quickly. In order to pass a level and move onto the next stage, the player must complete certain objectives. These are usually just beating the stage in a certain amount of time but can include assignments like destroying a number of enemy ships. Eventually there will be jumps, impassable barriers, ships shooting lasers at you, ships ramming you, and more fun stuff.


As well as arguably the best game on Playstation Mobile, Switch Galaxy is also easily the best looking game on Playstation Mobile. Atomicom pushed the Playstation Mobile SDK to its limits and has achieved a level of quality never before seen on Sony’s mobile market. Switch made a name for itself as one of the first games to really make the Tegra 2 shine, while Switch Galaxy matches and even exceeds that level of quality. The graphical effects are often a subtle way of giving the player warnings about whats ahead. It’s a testament to Atomicom’s development skill that visuals this good are possible on single core devices.


The music and sound effects are predictably of a fast techno nature which while not bad, aren’t very unique either. The ships engine will roar to life when driving over speed boosts and glass will smash when running through barriers. Overall the sound is above average, and again well above par for Playstation Mobile.

While not perfect, Switch Galaxy fulfills part of the promise Sony made so long ago with Playstation Mobile; Playstation quality games for a new generation of devices.

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Switch Galaxy Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Switch Galaxy has great visuals and addicting gameplay but it suffers from framerate drops and could use more variation.



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