Published on March 11th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave Gets A Phantom Update


Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave has had a tragic history on the Android platform. After a triumphant launch as one of the first titles to run on Unreal Engine 3 and a Tegra 2 launch title, Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave failed to update for new devices, manage the transition from the Android Market to Google Play, and adapt to the loss of its GameSpy server. Eventually, the once highly lauded game stopped working for all but older devices then faded into obscurity. Android gamers were furious, how could Trendy Entertainment just abandon them? Most assumed the game would be updated in time, that the developer was just dragging its feet, but we were wrong. In a surprising and dismaying move, Trendy Entertainment quietly confirmed it had removed Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave from Google Play and that it was never coming back.


Ever since then, anyone wanting to play Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave on a device they got AFTER it was pulled from Google Play was out of luck. Both because the game did not show up in a search on Google Play and it did not work on newer devices, such as Jellybean phones and tablets. One workaround that was discovered was for people who had downloaded the game from Google Play when it was still available, they could go into their history and actually install it again. Even though the game had been officially removed from Google Play! But that still didn’t fix the problem of the game not being programmed for newer phones.


A new twist in the Dungeon Defenders saga has recently unfolded, with Dungeon Defenders getting an update from version 7.6 to a newer build of the same version number. This updated version 7.6 was pushed to Google Play on February 27, 2013. No official change log accompanied the update, but we can confirm the game works on several devices it previously crashed on, and that the download server is fully functioning despite the official line from Trendy Entertainment. For now at least, that will be a welcome gesture to Android fans of the action rpg. Does this mean that we will see Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave returning to Google Play soon? Only time will tell, but this may be a good sign.

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