Published on March 11th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


QIII4A Brings Quake 3 Arena To The Masses


Having recently released RTCW4A, an Android port of the Return To Castle Wolfenstein engine, developer n0n3m4 is back with a port of the Quake 3 Arena engine. Like in his previous port, QIII4A as its called doesn’t actually come with the full Quake 3 Arena game, you’ll have to copy its files from the PC version of the game. However, an excellent full version game does come included with QIII4A, Open Arena. Open Arena is a 3D FPS based on the Quake 3 Arena engine, but is a completely free and original game. Most gamers will be satisfied with a free shooter that is on the same level as Quake 3 Arena, and those who want the full experience need only copy a few files.


Whether you want to re-experience one of the finest classics in gaming or if you are just up for a good old fashioned frag fast, QIII4A is the ticket. You can download QIII4A for free on Google Play.

Google Play – QIII4A

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