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Chaos Rings II Out Now On Google Play


Chaos Rings II, the latest in Square Enix’s acclaimed RPG series, has arrived on Google Play much sooner than expected. After releasing on Square Enix’s Japanese Android Market, most assumed it would be months before we saw an English language version on Google Play. Chaos Rings II follows the formula established by the previous games in the franchise. RPG master Square Enix has once again created a mobile RPG with the gameplay and production qualities of a full blown console RPG like Final Fantasy.

Chaos Rings II is the story of Darwin and his burden of saving the world from destruction. After the events of previous Chaos Rings games have left the earth a desolate, barren place, Darwin discovers he can prevent the oncoming apocalypse, but only at a terrible price. He must slaughter five specific people in order to sacrifice their souls, one of which is his childhood friend and love interest Marie. The storyline is determined by choices players make in the game, giving Square Enix’s RPG high replay value.

chaosrings2ss4 chaosrings3ss3

Chaos Rings II improves on the original game in a variety of ways. A new game engine brings enhanced rendering and much higher quality graphics than in previous Chaos Rings titles. The solo/pair battle system has been tweaked with new strategies and abilities. These new additions help to establish itself as an entire new game in the franchise, as opposed to the prequel Chaos Rings: Omega which while good was based on the original game in the series.


  • A storyline molded by the player’s choices
  • Hidden bosses and endings
  • Enhanced graphics using a new rendering engine
  • A strategic new battle system
  • An array of character voices and music
  • Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) language support

chaosring2ss2 chaosrings2ss1

Keeping in line with Square Enix’s previous pricing strategies, Chaos Rings II is premiering at a rather hefty $15.99. For most games, that would be outrageous, but in Chaos Rings II’s case, it’s steep but acceptable.

Google Play – Chaos Rings II

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