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Real Boxing Is The Real Reason You Got That Tegra 3 Device


The highly anticipated Tegra Zone exclusive game Real Boxing has arrived on Google Play, and it looks amazing. Developer Vivid Games has created a graphical powerhouse powered by Unreal Engine 3. Using animations motion captured from real life boxers, Real Boxing features enhanced polygon counts, realistic blood and sweat, depth of field, and other visuals usually only found in console games. Players will fight it out with over twenty opponents, each with a different boxing style to overcome. This Tegra 3 game features an immersive Career Mode in which players fight through multiple tournaments and real-world venues in their quest to become boxing’s World Champion.

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Your fighter can be trained in between matches by playing a variety of mini games like skipping rope and practicing with a punching bag.  This will boost his stats and give you an oppurtunity to take advantage of Real Boxing’s deep customization system. Winning fights will unlock new options like hair styles, tatoos, and stances.


  • Amazing Unreal-powered graphics and motion capture create astonishing realism. See sweat and blood fly with every punch.
  • Optimised for Android and NVIDIA Tegra-powered devices.
  • Deep Career Mode with over 30 fights and three belt titles to win.
  • Train your boxer with mini games including skipping rope, heavy bag and mini bag.
  • Fight over 20 opponents with their own unique and adaptive fighting styles.
  • Play KO and Clinch minigames during a round for an energy boost.
  • See, hear, and feel the roar of the crowd across 6 incredibly detailed venues including Moscow’s Red Square.
  • Unlock new equipment, extra opponents and customised clothing.
  • Customize your fighter’s appearance: hairstyle, skin colour, tattoos and clothing.

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You can pick up Real Boxing for $4.99 on Google Play. While this version is for Tegra 3 devices, a Tegra 4 version is planned for Project Shield when that launches later this year.

Google Play – Real Boxing

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