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IOS Action RPG Krog Releases On Android


Indie developer Conjured Graphics launched its action RPG Krog on IOS late last year with a fairly successful release. Although the developer told its fans it had no plans to work on an Android version, the fans eventually won out and a few days ago Krog appeared on Google Play. Krog is about a……..Krog named Krog who was minding his own business one day when an evil censor mage decides to kidnap his wife. This makes the normally timid Krog very angry and he goes on a quest filled with action, role playing, and puzzles to rescue his mate. Based on the Blackgard fantasy universe, Krog must travel deep into castle Blackgard to defeat the evil presence within and reunite with his beloved. Sporting gorgeous 3D graphics powered by Unity 3D, Krog plays very much like a 3D version of adventure games like The Legend Of Zelda.


Interestingly, there is a full line of toys available that are based on Krog and the Blackgard universe. You can pick this action RPG up for $.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – Krog

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