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WRC Shakedown Edition Rallies Onto Android


Between Real Racing, Asphalt, Need For Speed, and countless other franchises, Android has had no shortage of quality racing games. Players have a wide variety of titles to chose from, but there is still one genre of racing games glaringly absent. Android has never had a decent rally racing game that attempted to realistically simulate the sport. Stepping up to the plate to fill that role is developer Milestone S.R.L. with their new game WRC Shakedown Edition. The World Rally Championship is the biggest Rally event in the sport. Elite drivers and car manufacturers from all over the world gather at these races to earn fame and prize money. Grueling, exhilarating  and inspiring, the WRC features some of the toughest courses ever driven.

WRC Shakedown Edition puts players in the drivers seat at the WRC with fully licensed teams, roads, and cars used in the WRC Championship. Five types of events spread out over sixty levels and fourteen special stages(Special stages are an actual thing in rally racing) will test your precision driving abilities. The requisite drift and time attack modes are present, in addition to atypical missions that will have you knocking over bowling pins with your car, dodging cones like in drivers ed, and performing different rallying maneuvers. WRC Shakedown Edition is powered by Unreal engine 3, which provides sharp graphics to help the player anticipate subtle changes in road conditions.



  • WRC experience mode 
  • Time attack mode
  • Based On Real Life Rally Courses
  • 60 different Challenges
  • 14 Special Stages
  • 5 types of Challenges 
  • 14 official WRC crews
  • Choose an official team
  • Run, win and unlock other tracks and teams from the World Rally Championship


For now, WRC Shakedown Edition is the best rally simulator available on Android, but that’s because its also the only rally simulator available on Android. You can pick up WRC Shakedown Edition for $5.21 on Google Play.

Google Play – WRC Shakedown Edition

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