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Drive For Your Life In The Jump: Escape The City


The world of the future in the new indie driver The Jump: Escape The City is a desolate, joyless place. Civilization is crumbling and totalitarian rule has been established, outlawing the very idea of having fun. A secret police force roams the cities, imprisoning anyone who looks like they might be having even a slightly good time. This makes it very risky for you, a youth living in the ruins of the old world, because you like to party. As luck would have it, your awesome new party has been busted by the cops, meaning if you want to live to party another day you better hightail it out of there. Time to get away in your hovercar and head for the city limits. This is the predicament that The Jump: Escape The City puts the player in as they barrel down the highway at breakneck speeds collecting energy cells while avoiding barriers and bottomless pits.

With the cops hot on your tail, the player must escape while collecting enough energy cells scattered throughout the game in order to win. The faster you go, the harder it will be to switch lanes in time to avoid barriers or slowdown pads. A variety of power ups will be available to assist you in escaping such as the magnet and the shield. While The Jump: Escape The City has gameplay reminiscent of an endless runner or driver, there are clear objectives to complete and an actual ending to the game if you manage to beat it.

The Jump: Escape The City has great Wipeout style graphics while the Grammy winning DJ Poet spins the high energy soundtrack. Having music made exclusively for this game really helps to sell the futuristic vibe.

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  • Take the ultimate mobile action challenge!
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Mind blowing speed
  • Music from Grammy Award winner DJ Poet
  • Bitesize – escape in less than 5 minutes
  • Intelligent scoring system
  • Hand-crafted design
  • Simple touch controls

You can pick up The Jump: Escape The City from Google Play for free with IAP’s. Fans of Atomicom’s Switch who were disappointed that its sequel Switch Galaxy is exclusive to Playstation Mobile devices will find this to be a worthy alternative.

Google Play – The Jump: Escape The City

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