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Snapdragon Exclusive RTS Oil Rush Sails Onto Android


Nvidia’s Tegra processors have earned a reputation for being built to play console quality games due to a large amount of titles being either exclusive to, or having exclusive features for the ubiquitous chipset. With their new gaming handheld Project Shield launching sometime in the next few months, it would seem they have all but solidified their position as the top gaming SOC. However, the processor wars rage on with Qualcomm today snagging a rare exclusive, the highly anticipated real time strategy game Oil Rush, for Snapdragon S4 users.

Oil Rush is a complex naval strategy game that takes place in a world where nuclear weapons have caused the polar ice caps to melt, flooding the entire earth in the process. Different factions fight over the still most valuable resource, oil. Players will command their fleet as they attack and defend multiple bases scattered around the maps. Each base is capable of producing more units for either side, so their capture is critical. An extensive tech tree system gives Oil Rush a much deeper level to its strategy element than games with a similar core mechanic like Castle Warriors. A full campaign mode is included with 15 quick game maps for shorter sessions.

Powered by developer Unigine Corp’s proprietary Unigine engine, Oil Rush looks absolutely stunning. Oceans swell and flow with believable motion, advanced graphics effects are on par with PC counterparts, and each model is highly detailed. If there is any game Qualcomm will use to demonstrate the power of their S4 chips and its 28nm architecture in the future, this is it.



  • Breathtaking 3D graphics of superior quality never before available on mobile devices
  • Unique and varied environments: the twilit Antarctic, flooded jungles, sunken cities, Asian villages, great canyons, ruined industrial zones, and more
  • Massive battles, furious enemies, raging attacks!
  • One game, many mission types: capture-’em-all, save-the-hero, tower defense, survival, oil retrieval, rescue, defeat-the-boss, and more
  • Strategic depth due to different attack/defense weapons with multi-level upgrade options
  • Tech tree with rich array of super technologies, including nukes, napalm, submarines, and convertiplanes
  • Campaign more than 10 hours long and packed with 16 challenging, story-based missions
  • 15 quick game maps for battles with up to three AI opponents
  • 18 music tracks delivering unique fusion of heavy industrial groove and electronic ambient/breaks

You can pick up Oil Rush for $7.99, a steep price by mobile standards but far less than what the PC version it’s based on costs. There is also a free demo available for those who want to play a few levels before committing to the full game.

Google Play – Oil Rush | Oil Rush: Free Demo

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