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Trendy Entertainment Announces Dungeon Defenders II


Good news today for Dungeon Defenders fans as Trendy Entertainment has just announced that they will be bringing Dungeon Defenders 2 to Android along with a host of awesome new features. The debacle with Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave being removed from the Google Play store had left most Android gamers convinced that Trendy had given up on the platform, but today’s revelation changes all that.

Dungeon Defenders II is bigger, better, and smarter than its predecessor. For starters, competitive mode has been completely redesigned since the originals implementation of the game mode was lackluster at best. Dungeon Defenders II will instead incorporate MOBA style gameplay for its competitive multiplayer, immediately drawing comparisons to games like League Of Legends. Players will be grouped into two teams on opposite sides of the map. Three lanes will allow minions spawned from either sides base to attack the other team and its base with the ultimate goal of destroying it. Instead of the four heros from the original there will now be a staggering 24 and counting, with Trendy planning to add more over the life of the game. All wearable equipment will now be cosmetic only in nature, with armor stats transferring between items so players can keep the look they like best.


Dungeon Defenders II will also unify its experience across multiple platforms, with PC, Mac, Android, and IOS players now able to seamlessly play with each other. This feature was originally planned for the Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave but never worked out the way Trendy had hoped. Part of the problem was Dungeon Defenders relied on the Gamespy network for its multiplayer, leaving Trendy at its mercy when the server was shut down. In response, Trendy has created its own gaming network called Playverse to provide a smooth cross platform multiplayer experience. Sadly, Dungeon Defenders II will not be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 though the developer did hint at it being a possibility for next gen consoles.

With a new sequel comes a new way of approaching IAP’s in the Dungeon Defenders franchise. Though the original Dungeon Defenders was a free game on Android, players could “play to win” by buying super powered weapons and equipment that would easily overcome players who did not pay for such items. Trendy Entertainment says Dungeon Defenders II will fix this by making IAP’s cosmetic in nature only, as in games like Team Fortress 2. The only exception to that rule being the ability to purchase new heros though the majority of characters will be unlockable through normal gameplay.

Dungeon Defenders II is already shaping up to be a great title, but it remains to be seen if they can restore the confidence of Android gamers in their products. Time will tell. In the meantime, gamers can head over to the Dungeon Defenders II website to sign up for a closed beta

Developer Website – Dungeon Defenders II

Website Referenced – IGN

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