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Do The RPG Conga In Nimble Quest, Coming Soon


Orange Pixel’s Mini Army is well known for putting a spin on the classic Snake gameplay. Instead of your snake getting bigger as it eats, its an army that recruits more units every time they take an enemy out. Replace the soldiers with RPG characters, and you’ve got the basic premise for Nimble Quest, the upcoming title from Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes developer NimbleBit.

While Nimble Quest follows a similar premise it also adds several new twists in its own right. There will be many different RPG classes to choose from, enemies will have varied attacks and weaknesses, and a plethora of power ups and modifiers will randomly spawn on the battlefield. Nimble Quest will also feature multiplayer through the use of guilds players can join to chat and compete with each other in timed challenges. Check out the debut trailer for Nimble Quest below and look for it to launch on Android devices sometime in April.

Developer Website – NimbleBit

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