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Bit Dungeon Is Pure Nostalgia


Indie RPG Bit Dungeon from developer Kinto Games got its start late last year on PC and IOS devices. Now available on Google Play, this rogue-like dungeon crawler plays like a greatest hits of gamings most beloved RPG’s. Bit Dungeon is a 2D retro action RPG that draws heavy inspiration from titles like The Legend Of Zelda. You and your wife have been kidnapped by demons and its up to you to save the day. Players who grew up with such games will be instantly filled with nostalgia by the charming 16 bit style graphics and 8 bit style music.


Played from an overhead perspective, the action is controlled entirely by tapping where you want your character to go or who you want him to fight. Loot, loot, and more loot is the name of the game as players will constantly gain new equipment and experience points to upgrade the many different stat types that affect combat.

True to its rogue-like style, bit Dungeon features perma death which means when your character dies, that’s it, there are no continues. This forces players to approach battles and the game itself in an entirely different way than most RPG’s. While bit Dungeon may not have the production quality of games like the just released Ravensword: Shadowlands, this surprisingly deep retro adventure isn’t afraid to challenge players.


Bit Dungeon is available for $1.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – bit Dungeon

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