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Disney’s JellyCar 3 Races Onto Google Play


After launching on IOS nearly 2 years ago, Disney’s unconventional driving game JellyCar 3 is finally available on Android. JellyCar 3 is a soft physics driving/platforming game with a look similar to games like Doodle Jump. While the object of the game is simple, players drive to a stop sign at the end of each level, the gameplay is anything but.

Everything in JellyCar 3’s world is made of a soft, bouncy material. The ground beneath your car will visibly swell beneath its weight and squishy platforms will throw your vehicle into the sky like a trampoline, giving the player time to do flips and other tricks. The car itself can both grow and shrink on command which is necessary for getting over big obstacles or through tight spaces.


JellyCar 3 features over 50 differently themed levels with specific challenges in each one. For the first time in the series, multiplayer allows gamers to virtually compete against their friends best times in ghost car mode. Lastly, an intuitive car customization workshop lets players doodle their own dream car.

JellyCar 3 is available for $.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – JellyCar 3

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