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SPiN WARS Does 4 Player Death Matches On 1 Device


As far as shoot ’em ups go, its not very often that we see a game try something radically new, yet that is the case with SPiN WARS, a new four player local multiplayer shooter from developer Brightside Games. Up to four friends on one device can fight it out in this shoot ’em up death match with extremely simple controls.

Each player takes one corner of the screen and controls their character with only one button. Tapping the button rapidly will cause your fighter to start shooting and moving forward. Holding down on the button will cause your character to spin around in order to aim and move about the arena. If the button is held down long enough a special move becomes available. Scattered throughout each stage are floating barriers that block shots and power ups such as spread shot, invincibility, and a super shot. That’s about all there is to SPiN WARS. This game does not have a single player mode of any kind, so if you want to play SPiN WARS you’ll have to grab at least one friend.



• Competitive gaming anytime – anywhere! 4 players on one device!
• Frantic shoot’em up battles with awesome special moves!
• Master the tap and hold one-button controls!
• Pay once, get it all! No additional cost, pure fun!
• Great for pick-up and play video game tournaments at your event or party!

SPiN WARS is a free demo that can be unlocked for $1.59. Tweeting or posting Facebook videos of the game will earn extra play throughs without having to buy the whole game.

Google Play – SPiN WARS

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