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Catapult King Flys Onto Google Play


Voted as the best casual game of 2012 on the Apple App Store, Chillingo’s Catapult King has finally launched itself onto Android. The dastardly naughty knights have kidnapped the princess with the help of an evil dragon in this new physics puzzler and as the hero of the story it’s up to you to save the day.

Catapult King looks great with gorgeous graphics and a cel shaded style that compliments the gameplay well. Similar to other 3D destruction games like Toy Story: Smash It! and Potshot Pirates, Catapult King is best described as a 3D version of Angry Birds. Players will control a catapult that they use to fling boulders at structures erected by taunting knights causing the buildings to fall apart with realistic physics. Levels gradually increase in complexity and require the use of magic power ups in later stages that can be earned through in app purchases or normal gameplay. As far as Angry Birds style games go, Catapult King flings with the best of them. Catapult King is free to play on Google Play.

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Google Play – Catapult King

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