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First Look: Playstation Mobile’s Eufloria Adventures


Innovative real time strategy title Eufloria HD has had a shooter spin off in development for quite some time now. We hadn’t heard much on this game until recently when developer Rudolf Kremers started teasing the game on his twitter account. Thanks to Rudolf, Eufloria Adventures has gotten its first set of screen shots that show this beautiful looking game in action.

While it shares the same aesthetically pleasing art style as its real time strategy cousin, Eufloria Adventures is a completely different style of game with an emphasis on exploration and space combat. Instead of commanding a vast army of saplings, players will control a single ship as they navigate strange worlds, find hidden artifacts, and battle with hostile life forms.


In an interview with Playstation Network last year, Rudolf gave his vision for the game:

The game is all about exploration and discovery. Rather than Eufloria’s strategic colonisation you control a single seedling ship this time. You go searching for hidden ancient artifacts within mysterious cave systems. The artifacts can be equipped to your ship and will perform various gameplay functions. Some will also provide story elements, and add to the overall mood of the game. You find that these artifacts are often well guarded however, so you need to learn to use your growing collection of artifacts strategically.


Launching exclusively on Playstation Mobile this spring, Eufloria Adventures is shaping up to be one of its best titles.

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