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EPOCH Blasts Onto Android Powered By Unreal Engine


Uppercut Games cover based shooter EPOCH launched on IOS way back in 2011 and was generally well received for its intuitive approach to touch screen shooters. Better late than never, the Unreal Engine powered 3rd person shooter has landed on Android. EPOCH takes place in a post apocalyptic future where Androids have taken over the planet. Players take control of a renegade Android with a mission to protect the last surviving human.


EPOCH looks like a traditional 3rd person shooter but plays more along the lines of a game like Infinity Blade. Players are generally stuck in one of a handful of cover positions and can swipe up to start shooting, down to hide, and left or right to move to another position. Targeting is mostly automatic and is done by tapping on enemies. As gamers progress through the 10 level single player campaign, additional weapons and abilities are unlocked. A new arena mode adds extra challenges outside the main game.


It may be almost 2 years old, but EPOCH still looks amazing thanks to the Unreal Engine. You can pick it up for $4.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – EPOCH

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