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Marble Madness Meets Metroid Prime In Battle Orb


Indie developer Outblaze Ventures, best known for their arcade shooter Zixxby!, is back with Battle Orb, a unique new first person shooter. In this sci-fi shoot ’em up, an exploration and assault drone returns to the solar system after eons of absence only to find all sentient life has been destroyed. The story follows the drone’s quest for answers as he explores a host of planets looking for clues.

Battle Orb melds the puzzle style exploration of Marble Madness with the arcade style action of first person shooters. Players will control an innocuous looking orb that transforms into a bad ass battle droid with the push of a button. Multiple play styles and customizable weapon loadouts allow the player to develop a personalized strategy. Players could use speed to out maneuver and out flank opponents, or a good old fashioned rocket launcher for a more in your face approach.



  • Fight your way through 20 edge-of-your-seat missions, each with 5 adrenaline-pumping levels!
  • Take on 9 different types of combat droids, each with special abilities and vulnerabilities
  • Navigate derelict space stations as a nimble mecha-sphere
  • Transform into a mecha-aggressor to blast enemies into superheated slag
  • Choose from dozens of upgradeable weapons including automatic guns, beam weapons, large-caliber cannons and missile launchers
  • Operate TM-AID using virtual joystick, touch screen, or accelerometer for the most satisfying mechanized mayhem driving gaming experience


Battle Orb is a unique new arcade shooter that successfully blends multiple genres. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Battle Orb

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