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Mega Run Jumps Onto Android


Redford and the gang from Get Set Games’s Mega Jump are back in the auto runner spinoff Mega Run Redford’s Adventure. Rather than jumping as high as possible like in Mega Jump players will make their way through over 80 side scrolling levels created in the style of classic platformers in this formely iOS exclusive title. Reminiscent of games like Rayman Jungle Run, Mega Run features fast paced platforming with branching paths and a retro sensibility.


Players can collect coins along the way to upgrade their character or purchase one time power ups, as with other auto runners like Half Brick’s Jetpack Joyride. The usual consumables items like a distance boost or invulnerability are here, but it’s the freely obtained Super Mario Bros style star power and giant monster potion that have the largest impact on gameplay.



  • Eye-Popping Cartoon Graphics – Android Games have never looked more amazing!
  • Epic Platform Action – Simple tap control designed to work perfectly with your touch screen!
  • 5 Unique Worlds With 80 Stages – Explore beautiful and magical landscapes, with more coming soon!
  • 100s of Secrets and Collectables – Are you awesome enough to find all of the missing Forest Gems?
  • 28 Explosive Power Ups – Including the Fireball, Mega Magnet, Embiggenate, Jetpack, and many more!
  • Loads of Playable Characters – The cast of Mega Jump is back – play as your favorite!
  • Hoardes of Menacing Monsters – All sorts of hilarious, devious, and dangerous bad guys to take on!
  • Regular Free Updates – Get ready for free updates with new worlds, stages, characters and more!

Mega Run is one of the most popular itles on iOS and it’s easy to see why. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Mega Run Redford’s Adventure

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