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Hills Of Glory 3D Beta Hits Google Play, Gets Official Trailer


BulkyPix and Ama Ltd’s sequel to their hit tower defense game Hills Of Glory: WWII, Hills Of Glory 3D, is gearing up for an official launch later this month by releasing not only an official trailer but a fully playable beta for the strategy title as well. Hills Of Glory 3D puts players in the shoes of a WWII commander tasked with holding defensive positions and halting the enemy advance. In addition to standard tower style units, players will have access to support abilities as well.


Hills Of Glory 3D takes a slightly different approach to the tower defense genre by focusing almost entirely on one time use powers like artillery strikes, napalm, and bombing runs to stop the enemy advance rather than conventional towers. The beta version currently has 21 missions and an endless survival mode with more content to be added when the game is officially released.


The Hills Of Glory 3D Beta is currently only available in a select few countries, while the full version is expected to be launched by the end of the month. Check out the official trailer for the game below.

Google Play – Hills Of Glory 3D Beta

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