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Repulze Flys Onto Google Play


Futuristic racing games modeled after the classic WipeOut series have always been a popular category on Android going all the way back to SpeedForge 3D, one of the very first titles to bring the genre to Android. There have been a few highlights since then but most have failed to be anything more than average. That’s why we’re glad to report that Pixelbite, developer of the smash hit Reckless Racing, appears to have made one of the best futuristic racers yet with its release of its high speed racer Repulze on Android. The Android version has all three episodes that the original iOS version had plus higher res graphics and support for controllers like the Xperia Play gamepad or MOGA bluetooth controller.


Repulze doesn’t stray too far from the formula established in similar games. Players race around a futuristic track at hundreds of miles an hour in a super fast hovercraft while shooting missiles at each other and picking up speed boosts. Where it differs from most games of its type is with its gorgeous graphics, smooth framerate, responsive controls, and enjoyable level design. There are three episodes or “phases” with 24 tracks spread out between them. The usual race modes are present like time attack and tournament, but Repulze will keep players on their toes with some of the more difficult objectives in the later stages.



  • Super-fluid racing action with stunning graphics.
  • Quick-to-learn touch and tilt controls but challenging to master.
  • 7 hypersonic Repulze hovercraft.
  • 24 gravity defying tracks with lots of different challenges.
  • Three game phases with varied play:
  • Energy Gates, Magnets, Shortcuts, Ghosts, A.I. Opponents, Weapons and Combat.
  • Online Leaderboards using Fuse Connect (same as the Reckless series).
  • Xperia Play support.

You can pick up Repulze for $2.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – Repulze

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