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WildTangent Launches Polar Bowler First Frame HD


Love ’em or hate ’em, WildTangent is one of the best known companies in the gaming industry. They’ve been running their own Android app store called WildTangent Games for some time now and have chosen it as the exclusive launch outlet for the Android version of their classic PC game Polar Bowler. Polar Bowler First Frame HD is an updated version of the original that upgrades the graphics, adds new gameplay elements, and introduces a new character.


Polar Bowler First Frame is a basic bowling themed game with a few casual oriented twists. Players will launch their inner tube riding bear with an Angry Birds style slingshot into a standard 10 pin setup. The bear can be controlled after launch to collect upgrades scattered on the track or to get a better angle on the pins. Using one time upgrades like the pop balloon or hyper inflated inner tube makes it much easier to get a strike. Getting successive strikes will build up a multiplier that contributes to an overall score at the end of each game.

The graphics have seen an HD update along with a few new visual elements. Polar Bowler First Frame uses a completely different bowling lane from the original PC version, an added Jumbotron above the pins now gives an animated overview of the game, and new comedic cutscenes with J the penguin add some personality to an otherwise laid back title.


Polar Bowler First Frame HD is available exclusively through WildTangent’s Games app. You can download it for free using the link below.

WildTangent – Polar Bowler First Frame HD

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