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AlterEgo: DreamWalker Is A Double Order of Awesome

There are alot of retro themed platformers available on Android, so it’s only natural that the thought of another poorly cobbled together pixel fest would elicit groans among gamers. However, anyone who plays RetroSouls Team’s AlterEgo: DreamWalker will be blown away by how well it mixes old school platforming with an ingenious doppelganger mechanic.

As players progress through each level, a ghost image mirrors their every movement with the twist being the player can switch with the doppelganger at any time to reach otherwise unreachable places. This adds a puzzle element to the game as the ability can only be used a certain amount of times each level.


DreamWalker also has an extremely catchy soundtrack thanks to the electronic beats provided by Kulor. The soundtrack to AlterEgo 2 is even available for purchase online and features remixes by artists such as DJ Bouche, Blitz Lunar, and Madbrain.


AlterEgo: DreamWalker is one of the best indie platformers to come alone for quite some time. You can pick it up for $.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – AlterEgo: DreamWalker

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