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Classic PC Title Castle Smasher Comes To Android


It’s taken a few years, but the classic physics destruction game Castle Smasher has made its way onto Android. Released all the way back in 2007, Donut Game’s Castle Smasher is the arcade physics puzzler that started the sub genre Angry Birds currently dominates. Originally a flash based web browser game, Castle Smasher has the player launching boulders at enemy structures, using physics to do the most damage. This new version has upgraded visuals, a randomly generated target practice mode, and a full 50 level campaign.

In addition to destroying each castle, players will have to recruit soldiers to defend their catapult against enemy attackers. Larger structures send out waves of attackers when destroyed, forcing players to think strategically about where they launch their catapults. Successfully completing stages will reward players with new boulder types, added defensive units, and special gameplay perks.



  • Challenges – new game mode with 50 LEVELS
  • Arcade – the classic Castle Smasher game
  • Target Practice – randomly generated levels for target practicing
  • Upgradable boulders
  • Castles jam-packed with treasures and bonus items waiting to be plundered
  • Free prisoners and recruit to your army
  • Rock solid controls
  • Donut Games’ Collectors Icon #02

You can pick up Castle Smasher for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Castle Smasher

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