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Immanitas Entertainment’s Crash Dummy Lands On Android

Anyone who grew up in the ’90s probably played a ton of platforming games and remembers the Crash Test Dummies, a cartoon/game/toy series that followed the exploits of the aforementioned dummies. Immanitas Entertainment has released a retro style platformer that while not based specifically on the Crash Test Dummies property, will appeal to anyone who grew up in that SuperNES/Genesis era of gaming. This charming old school style side scroller is called Crash Dummy and is based on the PS2/Wii/PSP/PC title Cid The Dummy.

In Crash Dummy, players will help Cid traverse 16 levels filled with enemies that need punching, buttons that need pushed, and bosses that need a bazooka to the face. Rather than follow the formula established in the console titles, Crash Dummy’s gameplay is highly reminiscent of classic 16 bit platformers like The Lost Vikings. Platforming, puzzle, and stealth mechanics are equally utilized in Cid’s latest adventure.


Crash Dummy’s story is told through vibrant cartoon cutscenes that provide context for the action. At the end of every level, players will be treated to a short video that furthers along the narrative. This art style carries over into the game itself with highly detailed character models.



  • Bringing a classic gaming brand to Android
  • 16 Challenging levels Including 6 end level bosses.
  • High quality cartoons and video sequences tell the story.
  • Different abilities including sneaking, climbing, running and sliding.
  • Various weapons including bazookas, ice lasers and flamethrowers.
  • 25 different enemy types.


Crash Dummy is an enjoyable homage to classic gaming available for $2.99 as well as a trial version on Google Play.

Google Play – Crash Dummy | Crash Dummy Free

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