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PlayCreek Releases Mini Dash on Android

PlayCreek’s award winning platformer Mini Dash has arrived on Android. This over the top retro love letter plays like the love child of Super Meat Boy and Super Mario, challenging players to the point of madness. The premise of the game is simple; Players will run, jump, and dash their way through over 150 levels in order to reach each stages exit, but Mini Dash will continuously push the player with new obstacles and environments at every turn.


Mini Dash turns platforming on its head, literally. The games main character can cling to ceilings and walls, while players can unlock additional characters with different platforming abilities by completing certain challenges in each stage. In addition to each level coming in both a hard and easy layout, this gives Mini Dash a ton of replay value.


Bonus stages are designed as homages to classics from gaming’s past. Mario, Mega Man, and more serve as inspiration for some of Mini Dash’s more familiar levels.


PlayCreek’s Mini Dash is available for $.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – Mini Dash

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  • scott duckworth

    Started playing the free version of this the other day. Absolutely amazing game. However I’m disappointed about the limited number of lives thing where you have to wait 15 minutes to get more lives. Does anyone know if the full version takes away this limitation?

    Also to Craig, I think having your comments section below the “related posts” section may be hurting the flow of the site and discouraging people from discussing …. Not sure, but just an idea?

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