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Thumbstar Games’s Anthill Marches Onto Android

Thumbstar Games hit iOS strategy game Anthill has landed on Google Play, bringing its unique trail defense gameplay style to the Android platform. As the commander of an ant colonies armed forces, its up to you to defend the anthill, expand the colony, and feed your growing army.

Anthill has received multiple awards for its innovative “pheremone based” gameplay that the developer describes as a trail defense style game. This is because Anthill eschews the boring stationary tower system that so many other games use for an engaging rally point style UI. Rather than tediously command individual units, players can drag trails on the screen to direct large groups quickly and efficiently.


Anthill further differentiates itself from other tower defense games with additional gameplay mechanics not usually found in the genre. A surprisingly deep tech tree enables the player to unlock special units such as bombers that can attack enemies independently of the pheromone trails and are essential to winning the more difficult battles. Tech points and resources can be gained by recycling the corpses of your enemies, which will cause players to carefully consider what units to send into each skirmish.



  • Tower defence gameplay protect your ant hill
  • Variety of units to deploy workers, soldiers, spitters and bombers
  • Real critters to defeat evil enemy beetles, bugs and flies
  • Draw pheromone trails simple touch and slide interface
  • Upgrade your units grow and develop your colony


You can pick up Anthill for $1.92 on Google Play.

Google Play – Anthill

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