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Panic Art Studios Releases Zombie Kill Of The Week

Panic Art Studios, the developers behind the hit retro title eXtermination, are back with a new zombie survival title, Zombie Kill Of The Week. This gory side scroller pits players against an unending horde of the undead in a variety of unlockable sandbox stages. With each wave that the player survives, additional money is earned that can be spent on bigger and more badass zombie slaying weaponry.

Zombie Kill Of The Week features a deep character customization system that allows the player to unlock perks, bots, and other helpful upgrades. A variety of weapons and powerups are strewn about each level, encouraging exploration and a strategic approach to the mayhem. Players can snipe zombies from a safe distance or go chainsaw crazy “Evil Dead” style.



  • A very wide arsenal of weapons to find and buy, including melee weapons such as chainsaw and katana
  • Many perks, clothing, hats and achievements to unlock!
  • 3 hand crafted stages to play, in 3 different game modes!
  • Online Highscores for each stage!


You can pick up Zombie Kill Of The Week for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Zombie Kill Of The Week

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