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They Need To Be Fed 2 Is Platforming Insanity

They Need To Be Fed has been one of the most unique and popular platforming games on Android for quite some time now, so it was only natural that it got a sequel, They Need To Be Fed 2, which is now available on Google Play. They Need To Be Fed 2 expands on the physics based gameplay of its predecessor with new gameplay mechanics but still retains the unique feel of the original.

In They Need To Be Fed 2, Each platform has its own gravitational field, acting as a small planet of sorts. When the player jumps from one platform to the next, they will automatically stick to the object. Because of this, there are no cheap deaths from falling down holes, but that doesn’t mean They Need To Be Fed 2 is easy. Each level introduces new enemies or gameplay mechanics, constantly keeping players on their toes.


As an overall package, They Need To Be Fed 2 has an impressive amount of content. Once the game has been completed, a new “epic” mode is unlocked. This mode remixes the entire campaign with rearranged levels. There is also a full achievement system with a long list of extra challenges. Finally, the excellent soundtrack by Jake Almond helps to add atmosphere to the experience.



  • 360 degree gravity
  • 7 worlds to explore
  • over 50 levels
  • 100+ diamonds to collect
  • 20 medals to earn
  • classic mode
  • epic mode
  • groovy soundtrack by Jake Almond
  • slick visual style
  • secret golden beans


You can pick up They Need To Be Fed 2 for $1.95 on Google Play.

Google Play – They Need To Be Fed 2

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