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ASH Releases Hack N Slash RPG Heart Breaker

Independent developer ASH, best known for their Trap Hunter series of games, has released a new hack ‘n slash RPG called Heart Breaker. Heart Breaker follows the story of a lone warrior cursed to slay monsters and then eat their heart for power, the final objective in the game being to journey to the lowest depths of a dungeon and eat the heart of an ultimate evil.


This action adventure title will appeal to fans of games like Diablo and Torchlight with its multiple classes and in depth upgrade tree. Players will be able to customize their warrior with a variety of special weapons and abilities with up to two weapons able to be carried at any one time, each having different characteristics from the other. Additional abilities can be gained by eating the heart of mini bosses strewn throughout the stages.


You can pick up Heart Breaker for free on Google Play. Adventurers can play the game for free up to level 5, with an $.99 IAP need to unlock the rest of the game.

Google Play – Heart Breaker

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