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Kick Some Shell In TurtleStrike

Strategy titles are well suited for touch screen gaming. Unlike many other genres, the touch interface used on Android devices feels like a perfect match when it comes to the category. A new entry in the strategy market, TurtleStrike from developer eeGon, is a fresh new title that focuses on multiplayer with a twist. It features two armies of adorable looking turtles battling it out for amphibian supremacy.

TurtleStrike takes the classic turn based strategy game formula and tweaks it to encourage fast paced gameplay. As in many strategy titles, players will give their units individual orders to shoot, move, or defend. But in TurtleStrike, the action phase for each side occurs simultaneously, making anticipating your opponents actions critical to victory.


TurtleStrike is an online only multiplayer game, there is no single player mode or campaign. Players will duke it out against each other in a series of leaderboard matches, with each victory unlocking additional weaponry and perks.

Interestingly, TurtleStrike will have PvP tournaments with actual cash prizes. Players will have to pay a fee to enter and the winner of the tournament will take home the prize money.


TurtleStrike’s unique brand of strategy is free to play on Google Play.

Google Play – Turtle Strike

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