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Tetris Gets The Free To Play Treatment In Tetris Blitz

As far as video games go, none are more iconic or well recognized than Alexey Pajitnov’s Tetris. The game has been released on every computing platform imaginable and has had countless spinoffs. We’ve seen Tetrissphere and The Next Tetris, now EA is taking a crack at the gaming legend with a mobile centric title, Tetris Blitz.

Tetris Blitz gives players 2 minutes to score as many points as possible in a heavily modified version of the original game. Power ups are now a necessary part of the game play with things like lasers and magnets aiding players in clearing the endless rows of blocks. Another new addition to the classic Tetris structure is the screen clearing frenzy mode. When players have cleared enough blocks in a quick enough time, frenzy mode activates, automatically clearing several lines for the players. Tetris Blitz even features its own version of finishing moves oddly enough.


In keeping with its mobile focused style, Tetris Blitz has an ultra simple control scheme, visually presenting players with several possible drop positions they can tap on. Traditional drag and drop controls are also available for those used to the original control style.

EA has an interesting plan to keep people playing Tetris Blitz long after its release. New game content is scheduled to be added each week, with potentially game changing updates like new power ups and game modifiers continually being incorporated into the game. Players can also compete online through Facebook leader boards and challenge friends.


Tetris Blitz is an interesting take on the classic franchise, you can pick it up for free with in app purchases on Google Play.

Google Play – Tetris Blitz (NA) | Tetris Blitz (ROW)

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