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Be The Stuntman In Stunt Star The Hollywood Years

Three Phase Interactive’s critically acclaimed iOS physics racer Stunt Star The Hollywood Years has been released on Android. This unique title takes the gameplay found in games like Stuntman and adds an extra twist that takes the concept even further. Not only will players be performing crazy stunts in surreal locations, they’ll also actively construct parts of the track itself.

In Stunt Star players take on the role of a tinseltown daredevil as his life is flashing before his eyes. He’ll have to relive every stunt hes ever done, leading up to his current stunt with his life hanging in the balance. If he’s to have any hope of surviving, players will have to help him hone his skills over 76 death defying levels.


Each movie the stuntman shoots has varied objectives, and it’s up to the player to decide how to complete them. Players can use any vehicle they’ve unlocked in addition to being able to choose what path to take through each course. Add in a full vehicle customization system and Stunt Star gives players multiple ways to play the game.


Stunt Star The Hollywood Years is an interesting take on stuntman style games with a unique twist. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Stunt Star The Hollywood Years

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