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Resident Evil 4 In English Infects The Samsung Apps Store

Capcom has had an inexplicable hesitancy to bring English language versions of its line up of popular mobile titles to the Android platform. Though the developer sells Android versions of its games Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 4 in its home market of Japan, we have yet to see a world wide release of either of these two titles. That all may be changing however as Capcom, in another inexplicable move, has released the first English language version of Resident Evil 4 for Android on the Samsung Apps store of all places.


The Android version is essentially the same game that was released back in 2009 on iOS devices, but updated to run at higher resolutions. In this mostly faithful rendition of the survival horror classic that breaks up the story into mobile sized missions, players will face the horrors of the Ganado village all the way up to the showdown with Sadler. Resident Evil 4 Mobile retains the 3rd person perspective used in its console cousins, giving the game an authentic experience but forcing sacrifices in other areas of the game.


Low res textures and a clunky UI hamper the mobile version of Resident Evil 4 considerably, but fans of the series will find there is still an enjoyable game underneath all its ugliness. There is also new mobile exclusive content like “Coin Shoot” and a remixed mercenaries mode to give survival horror fans more options for on the go action.


Will we see a world wide release of Resident Evil 4 on the Google Play Store soon? Who knows, but seeing it arrive on Android in any form is a good sign.

Samsung Apps – Resident Evil 4

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