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The WWF’s Rhino Raid Is A Runner With A Cause

The World Wide Fund For Nature(Formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund), has released a new runner style game called Rhino Raid to call attention to the issue of Rhino poaching in a novel way. While most people think of PETA and their shockingly gruesome parody titles when they think of games with a pro-animal message, Rhino Raid is a well designed title that doesn’t go overboard with its message and most importantly, it’s fun.

Players take on the role of an African Rhino who’s mate has been captured by dastardly poachers. As it turns out, Rhinos are really good at running and smashing stuff, so he sets off to rescue his beloved while stomping a few poachers along the way. The poachers will try to stop our equine hero with traps, arrows, exploding barrels, and anything else they have on hand.


Rhino Raid uses pleasing cel shaded 3D graphics that fit the game well with a cartoonish style. The game keeps the action light and fun hearted even though the subject material is not. It’s story is told through well drawn comic book style cutscenes scattered throughout the game.


Rhino Raid has over 9 levels and a surprising amount of depth to its gameplay. The game manages to be both fun and informative at the same time. All purchases of Rhino Raid will go to support the World Wide Fund For Nature’s Rhino conservation projects.

You can pick it up for $1.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – WWF Rhino Raid

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