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Survive The Apocalypse In Zombie HQ

Independent developer Rebellion, best known for Judge Dredd Vs. Zombies and Guns 4 Hire, has released a new zombie shooter, Zombie HQ, onto Google Play. Zombie HQ casts players as one of the last remaining humans in a zombie apocalypse. They’ll have to fight for their survival against the never ending hordes of the undead while helping fellow survivors and finding better weapons. The Zombie HQ title stems from the players ability to operate out of a hub base of sorts that lets them strategize for their next mission, upgrade their weapons, and unlock new abilities.


Zombie HQ has tons of unlockable content. Players can personalize pretty much anything in the game, from their weapons to their character and base. Things like pool tables and arcade machines only add cosmetic changes to your headquarters, but upgrades like guided missile systems will make a huge improvement in your zombie slaying prowess.


Zombie HQ is an excellent shooter that brings a few new ideas to the table. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Google Play – Zombie HQ

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