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Roll The World In Roll: Boulder Smash!

In 2011, the downloadable title Rock Of Ages was released. It had a cheesy Monty Python inspired story, and mainly involved a giant boulder flying down a hill and crushing everything in its path. It received a modest amount of praise and went on to inspire other giant ball rolling games. Roll: Boulder Smash! from independent developer All Things Media follows this wacky tradition with a fun, arcade style adventure.

The newly released physics puzzler is mainly about steering a giant rock downhill as fast as possible while completing achievements and crushing anything in the way. Using either tilt controls or an analog stick, players will flatten buildings, vikings, aliens, and more in order to keep their multiplier up and score the most points. The downhill based story mode has 9 levels with a laundry list of objectives to complete in each, most of which involve smashing stuff.


Challenge mode switches the games focus to puzzle based missions where players launch a boulder at a target range with objectives like destroying a certain number of specific objects. Swiping on the screen determines the boulders speed and direction which must be judged carefully since it can’t be controlled once launched. Completing the objective advances the player to the next stage, failing causes the game to berate the player with a sarcastic comment and restart the challenge.


All Things Media’s new physics puzzler does an admirable job of distinguishing itself from other titles in its genre. You can pick it up for $.99 on Google Play.

Google Play – Roll: Boulder Smash!

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