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Tentacle Wars Takes Strategy To A Cellular Level

The uber popular PC strategy series Tentacle Wars has hit the Google Play store, bringing with it a unique art style and a fresh twist on Galcon style gameplay. Indie developer FDG Entertainment, best known for their retro rpg Across Age DX, has adapted the classic flash title so well it feels like Tentacle Wars could just as easily have got its start on Android.

As the last anti-body in a dying alien organism, players will find and capture the contaminated cells killing its host. By drawing a line from the anti-body to an enemy cell, DNA tentacles will attack the pathogen, curing the infected cells and adding them to your growing immune system army. The AI in Tentacle Wars is devious, it takes quick thinking and careful strategy to overcome the computers merciless tactics.


There is a benefit to Tentacle Wars PC legacy, content. The single player campaign has over 80 missions and ramps up the difficulty quickly, which means fans of real time strategy games like Eufloria HD will find plenty to like here. As if that wasn’t enough, an included random level generator provides an infinite amount of challenges to overcome.


Tentacle Wars is a weird and wonderful strategy title with fresh gameplay and a groovy soundtrack. You can pick it up for $1.79 on Google Play.

Google Play – Tentacle Wars

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