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Zombie Diary: Survival Is A Mix Of Mechs And The Undead

Here at Super Game Droid, we can’t get enough of the undead. That’s why we’re happy to announce that Ezjoy has released a new action arcade title, and it has zombies! Zombie Diary: Survival, the indie developer’s latest game, is all about taking revenge on the rotting corpses that have overrun a post apocalyptic Earth.

This gory side scrolling shooter is reminiscent of arcade style titles like Zombieville, and the comparison is apt, but Zombie Diary does more than enough to put its own spin on the genre with new gameplay concepts like giant laser wielding mechs. Another big difference is the games rpg elements. A surprisingly deep class based system allows players to pick from one of five customizable heroes. Add in over 24 zombie slaying weapons plus epic screen clearing special abilities and you’ve got one heck of an undead smoothie.



  • 24 guns you can equip and use
  • 5 roles with different properties you can play
  • 5 skills to improve your ability
  • 4 maps in the game
  • 3 mechs that can make you the king of the world
  • Various types of zombies, quick, strong, remote attack and powerful boss
  • Different task modes
  • You can earn money in training room which appears after five days
  • You can get an extra bonus base on your health when levels are cleared
  • Various achievements you can reach and obtain the corresponding rewards


If you enjoy slaughtering ridiculous amounts of zombies, and let’s be honest who doesn’t, you’ll want check out Zombie Diary: Survival. It’s free on Google Play.

Google Play – Zombie Diary: Survival

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